How to plant a square vegetable garden?

Comment planter un potager en carré ?

The square vegetable garden is an ideal solution for beginner gardeners or for those who have limited space. This method allows you to grow a large number of different plants in a relatively small space , while making maintenance and harvesting easier. If you are interested in a square vegetable garden, here are some tips for planting it properly and taking care of it.

First of all, choose a location for your square vegetable garden. Make sure it gets plenty of sunlight for at least six hours a day, preferably in the morning. Avoid areas that are too windy or shady, as this could harm the growth of your plants. If possible, choose a location near a water source to make watering easier .

Next, prepare the ground. The square vegetable garden requires fertile, well-drained soil . If your soil is heavy or compact, add compost or straw to improve its texture. You can also use mulches to retain moisture and control weeds.

Once the soil is ready, you can start planting your vegetables and herbs. It is important to respect the recommended spacing for each plant, to give them enough space to develop. You can also mix different plants to create a variety of colors and flavors in your vegetable garden.

For each plant, dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the plant's root. Place the plant in the hole and fill it with soil. Lightly pack the soil around the plant to hold it in place. Water the plants carefully , being careful not to use too much to avoid drowning the roots.

The square vegetable garden requires regular maintenance to keep the plants healthy. Water plants regularly to keep them well hydrated , especially during periods of drought. Remove weeds manually or use mulches to prevent them from growing. You can also fertilize the plants with compost or organic fertilizers to nourish them.

Finally, harvest vegetables and herbs when they are fully ripe .

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