Grafting scissors for garden

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Double or triple your fruit harvest with this grafting tool

Clone your favorite fruit trees and multiply your harvest by grafting!

Grafting is an ancient agricultural technique that allows you to combine parts of two different trees to form a new, genetically superior tree.

This means that if you have a tree that harvests extraordinary fruit every year, you can create an exact copy by grafting and double or triple your harvest.

Grafted fruit trees flower and produce earlier!

Grafting is easy and simple with this amazing tool. 

Get started in minutes - no experience required!

First, you can cut the leaves and twigs toprepare the plants for grafting.

Then use the special blade to make a precise cut in the grafting material.

This tool is different from traditional grafting tools, it cuts and grafts at the same time, it is easy to use and more efficient .

This tool allows you to quickly create O / V / U style grafts with its ultra precise and sharp blade.

Ano prior experience is required to use it.

Even a beginner can achieve perfect grafts with ease.

The grafting blade can cut through material up to 12mm in diameter, ideal for removing leaves, twigs and stems without changing tools.


Avoid painful cuts and nicks and no more struggling with your fingers.

This grafting tool is not only effective, it is also the safest way to graft and avoid accidents!

Ideal for those who suffer from arthritis.


You have more chance of successful grafting with this tool. The right cut makes a big difference in grafting.

This expert cutting tool guarantees a professional cutting job every time, increasing the chances of success of your grafts.

Grafting is easy and simple with this amazing tool. 2 in 1 function.

It includes both a pruner and a grafting blade.


  • Materials: carbon steel, ABS and aluminum
  • Cut the grafts from 5mm to 1.4cm in diameter
  • Chrome-plated blades to prevent rust
  • Auto unlock/safety lock for easy and effortless use
  • Imported SK5 steel with HRC60 hardness
  • Robust spring that can be used thousands of times.


  • 1*Garden Transplant Tool Kit


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