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Jardioui Orange / Blanc Froid Plafonnier LED Design Rétro CitrouilleJardioui Beige / Blanc Froid Plafonnier LED Design Rétro Citrouille
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Jardioui Orange Plafonnier LED Vintage SophistiquéJardioui Plafonnier LED Vintage Sophistiqué
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Jardioui 1 Plafonnier (69.90 €/ pcs) / Blanc / Blanc froid Plafonnier Salon LED à 3 Têtes Modulables ÉpuréJardioui 1 Plafonnier (69.90 €/ pcs) / Blanc / Blanc chaud Plafonnier Salon LED à 3 Têtes Modulables Épuré
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Jardioui Blanc Plafonnier Chambre LED Nordique ModerneJardioui Plafonnier Chambre LED Nordique Moderne
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Jardioui 1 Plafonnier (84.90 €/ pcs) / Jaune Plafonnier Salon Moderne à LED Nordique ÉpuréJardioui Plafonnier Salon Moderne à LED Nordique Épuré
Selling price€84,90 Normal price€169,90
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Jardioui 1 Plafonnier (34.90 €/ pcs) Plafonnier Rotin LED Circulaire RaffinéJardioui Plafonnier Rotin LED Circulaire Raffiné
Selling price€34,90 Normal price€69,90
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Jardioui 1 Plafonnier (54.90 €/ pcs) / Blanc / Blanc froid Plafonnier Verre Vintage à LED ÉlégantJardioui Plafonnier Verre Vintage à LED Élégant
Selling price€54,90 Normal price€109,90

Illuminate your space with our selection of ceiling lights

Welcome to our category dedicated to ceiling lights . By browsing our site, you will discover a wide range of lighting solutions that will transform the ambiance of your spaces. It fits perfectly into our range of interior lighting and is complemented by the pendant lights . Each choice is designed to adapt perfectly to your needs and your style. 

A ceiling light for every room

The ceiling light is a versatile solution that adapts to every room in your home. For a cozy atmosphere in your living room, aliving room lamp offers both lighting and decorative element. It creates a welcoming atmosphere for your evenings with family or friends.

Efficiency and energy saving with the LED ceiling light

Opting for an LED option is both an ecological and economical choice. They diffuse quality light, reduce energy consumption and increase the lifespan of your lighting. A LED ceiling light provides good lighting while being respectful of the environment and your wallet.

Style and functionality with a designer ceiling light

A ceiling light is not limited to its functional aspect; it can also serve as a major decorative element in your spaces. Whether black for a modern and chic look, or rattan for a natural and bohemian touch, each light brings its unique character to your interior.

Frequently asked questions about ceiling lights

What type of ceiling light to choose?

The choice depends on the space available and the desired atmosphere. A living room light is perfect for living spaces, a special kitchen model for functional light and a bedroom ceiling light for a soft and relaxing atmosphere .

Does an LED ceiling light light well?

Absolutely. AnLED option provides powerful, uniform lighting while being energy efficient. It is an ideal choice for any room.

How to install a ceiling light without drilling?

There are solutions such as adhesive fixing systems or clamp models, although less common. It is recommended to favor traditional installations for security and stability.

Which ceiling light for an entrance?

Choose lighting that warmly welcomes your guests. A designer ceiling light or LED with soft but sufficient lighting is ideal for creating a memorable first impression.

Your shop for quality ceiling lights

Exploring our selection of ceiling lamps is an invitation to redefine the lighting in your interior. Whether you are looking to create a specific atmosphere or to highlight your decoration, our range is designed to meet your expectations with style and efficiency. Brighten every corner of your home with our modern and sustainable lighting solutions. Transform your spaces with our ceiling lighting and live in an environment that truly reflects your personality and tastes.