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Jardioui Lampe solaire à Induction en fer massifJardioui Lampe solaire à Induction en fer massif
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Jardioui 2 Lampes Lampe Solaire Économe avec Détecteur de MouvementJardioui 4 Lampes Lampe Solaire Économe avec Détecteur de Mouvement
Selling price€39,90 Normal price€79,90
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Jardioui 1 Lampe (34.90 €/ pcs) Lampe Solaire Lune Féerique EnchantéeJardioui 2 Lampes (29.90 €/ pcs) Lampe Solaire Lune Féerique Enchantée
Selling price€34,90 Normal price€69,90
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Jardioui 2 Lampes / S / Blanc Lampe Pilier LED Moderne ÉclatanteJardioui 2 Lampes / S / Blanc chaud Lampe Pilier LED Moderne Éclatante
Selling price€49,90 Normal price€99,90
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Jardioui 0 Torche effet flamme PremiumJardioui 0 2 pcs Torche effet flamme Premium
Selling price€39,90 Normal price€79,90
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Jardioui Lampe Solaire LED Sensorielle IntelligenteJardioui Lampe Solaire LED Sensorielle Intelligente
Selling price€29,90 Normal price€59,90
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Jardioui Lueur Tiki - Lampe Solaire ExtérieureJardioui Lueur Tiki - Lampe Solaire Extérieure
Selling price€29,90 Normal price€59,90

Transform your garden into a bright oasis with our outdoor posts

Dive into the heart of our exclusive selection of exterior posts . It is part of a wider range of outdoor lighting and uniquely complements our family of garden lamps . They have been specially designed to enhance your outdoor spaces. Each piece, chosen with the greatest care, promises to bring a touch of light and security to your garden, path or patio.

Illuminate and secure in style

Adopting an exterior post in your green space means choosing elegance and functionality. Our designs, designed to integrate harmoniously into your exterior, delicately illuminate your evenings while enhancing the aesthetics of your home.

Light guide for your outdoor spaces

exterior posts are a pillar of the security of your garden. By illuminating paths and dark areas, they effectively prevent accidents and deter unwanted visits. This guarantees unparalleled peace of mind.

Robustness and elegance in the face of the elements

Our exterior posts combine resilience and aesthetics to brave the vagaries of the weather. Designed to last, they represent a reliable and durable investment, capable of withstanding rain, wind, and temperature variations.

Frequently asked questions about exterior posts

Why install exterior posts?

They offer a practical and authentic lighting solution for your gardens, paths, and terraces, improving both the safety and ambiance of your outdoor spaces.

How to choose the right exterior post?

The choice should be based on the desired aesthetic, the amount of light needed, and the specifics of the installation such as weather resistance and type of mounting.

How do I maintain my exterior posts?

Maintenance of exterior lights can be done with regular cleaning using a damp cloth to remove dust and debris. For specific instructions, refer to the manufacturer's manual.

Is it difficult to install exterior posts?

Installation depends on the model and your existing electrical installation. For solar or battery models, installation is usually simple, while for traditional electric lighting it may be best to hire a professional.

Are exterior posts resistant to weather conditions?

Yes, most posts are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, frost, and high temperatures.

Light up your exterior with distinction

Discover our range of outdoor lighting and give a new dimension to your outdoor evenings. Whether you want to create a illuminated path, highlight the beauty of your garden, or simply add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space, our lighting solutions are designed to appeal to you. Make your garden an enchanting, secure and always welcoming place to live, whatever the time.