Magic Portable Cordless Electric Paint Spray Gun (+Free Battery)

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Ready to bring that long-awaited painting project to life?

Transform any space, from your home to your furniture, while staying on budget.

Forget delays and unexpected expenses, and let color express your story!homme_pistolet_a_peinture_jardiouiRevolutionize Your Painting Jobs

Fed up with time-consuming brushes and rollers? Our paint gun offers you a quick solution and effective. Whether you're a DIYer or a professional, get pro-quality results effortlessly.1_720x720_f05d5634-4bd7-47b0-b5ec -2efd8838a076_480x480

Save Time and Money

With this gun, not only will you save thousands of euros, but you will also finish your projects in no time. In addition to being 8 times faster than a brush, using it is child's play, even for novices.


A Practical Tool for All Your Projects

Thanks to its rechargeable battery, say goodbye to cumbersome wires. This lightweight and easy to handle gun is perfect for all types of surfaces, whether walls, furniture or fences. Designed to accommodate a variety of paintsincluding:

  • glycerophthalic paints for impeccable finishes on wood and walls
  • anti-rust paints specially formulated for the protection and renovation of your metal surfaces
  • varnishes ensuring complete compatibility to enhance and protect your projects with a dazzling final touch.
  • stain, allowing precise and uniform application to protect and beautify the wood while revealing its grain.


Frequently Asked Questions :

  • What type of paint can I use with this gun? 🎨

    This spray gun is designed to accommodate a variety of paints. Whether you want to refresh your living room with acrylic paint 🖌️, breathe new life into your fence with oil paint 🏡, or even complete an art project with specialty paints 👩‍🎨, our spray gun is ready to take on the challenge. the challenge !


  • Should I thin the paint? If yes, in what proportion? 💧

    Most paints can be used directly, but for optimal performance, slight dilution may be necessary. For water-based paints 💦, a 10% dilution is often ideal. For thicker paints like oil or latex 🛢️, a 20-30% dilution will ensure a smooth and even application. Remember, a little preparation ensures a perfect result!


  • Can this device be used to paint ceilings?

    Designed to simplify your painting projects, this revolutionary tool ensures uniform and rapid application on: Walls, Chairs, Furniture, Ceiling.


  • Can I get a second battery with my order? 🔋

    Due to our current promotion offering a free battery with every purchase 🎁, our stock of additional batteries is unfortunately sold out. Good news: the battery offered is designed to last a long time 🕒, allowing you to carry out all your projects without interruption! Our Magic Portable Paint Spray Gun is also compatible with Makita batteries!


Features :

  • Color: see Pictures
  • Dimensions : 29.8 x 28 cm
  • 3 modes de pulvérisation : Circulaire, Vertical et Horizontal
  • Batterie : Lithium 21V, 1200 mAh
  • Power: 500 W
  • Reservoir: 800 ml
  • Weight: 2Kg
  • Battery life : 3-4h
  • Flow rate: 150 cm³/min
  • Spray distance: 300 mm


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