Indoor plants: benefits, maintenance and tips for a green interior

Les plantes d'intérieur : bienfaits, entretien et astuces pour un intérieur verdoyant

Today, with increasing urbanization and the hectic pace of modern life, many are turning to nature for balance.

Houseplants, with their soothing aesthetic and their many benefits, have become an essential element of our homes. Let's discover together the fascinating world of indoor plants.

1. The benefits of indoor plants

Air purification : According to some studies, plants can reduce indoor pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene and trichlorethylene.

Humidification : By transpiring, plants increase ambient humidity, which can be beneficial for dry skin, breathing and the prevention of respiratory illnesses.

Stress Reduction : Simply looking at and caring for plants can reduce stress levels and increase feelings of well-being.

2. How to choose your houseplant?

It is important to choose plants adapted to the environment of your home:

Light : Some plants require a lot of natural light (like the cactus), while others are happy with low light (like the sansevieria).

Temperature : While most houseplants prefer temperatures between 15 and 25°C, some require more specific conditions.

Space : Consider the available space. If you're short on space, consider hanging plants or plants that grow tall rather than wide.

3. Basic maintenance

Watering : Too much water is as harmful as not enough. Learn about the specific needs of each plant and check the soil regularly before watering.

Nutrition : Use a fertilizer suitable for your plants, usually once a month during the growing season.

Pruning : Remove dead or yellowed leaves regularly to promote healthy growth.

4. Tips for a green interior

Plants and animals : If you have pets, make sure your plants are not toxic to them.

Plant shower : From time to time, place your plants under a lukewarm shower to remove dust and possible parasites.

Rotation : Rotate your plants regularly to ensure even growth. In fact, they will tend to turn towards the light source.

Group your plants : Placing multiple plants together can increase humidity, which can be beneficial for some species.


Indoor plants bring a touch of nature into our homes, creating a calming and invigorating atmosphere. With a little research and attention, you can enjoy their benefits while beautifying your living space. So, don’t hesitate to adopt these green companions who will return it to you a hundredfold!

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