The best plants to attract pollinating insects

Les meilleures plantes pour attirer les insectes pollinisateurs

Pollinating insects, such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, play a crucial role in pollinating plants.

Indeed, by transporting pollen grains from one flower to another , they allow plants to produce fruits and seeds.

If you want to attract pollinating insects to your garden, here are some ideal plants to grow:

Honey flowers: Honey flowers are plants that produce sweet nectar that pollinating insects love. For example, lavender, chamomile and thyme flowers are very popular with bees. By growing these flowers in your garden, you can attract pollinating insects and help pollinate your other plants.

Perennials: Perennials are plants that come back every year, meaning they produce flowers for multiple seasons . For example, winter flowers like foxglove and daffodil are popular with pollinating insects in early spring, while summer flowers like lavender and phlox attract pollinating insects throughout the warm season. . By growing perennial plants in your garden, you can provide pollinating insects with a food source throughout the year .

Aromatic plants: Aromatic plants are plants that produce aromatic essential oils that pollinating insects like. For example, plants like rosemary, mint and basil are popular with bees and butterflies. By growing these plants in your garden, you can attract pollinating insects and benefit from their aromatic properties in your culinary dishes.

In summary, to attract pollinating insects to your garden, it is important to grow plants that produce nectar or aromatic essential oils . Honey flowers, perennial plants and aromatic plants are particularly suitable for attracting pollinating insects and promoting the pollination of your other plants.

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