Gardening in autumn: techniques and tips for a successful season

Le jardinage en automne : techniques et conseils pour une saison réussie

Autumn is often seen as the prelude to winter dormancy. But for gardening enthusiasts, this season offers a multitude of opportunities to prepare, beautify and care for your garden . If you want your green space to shine brightly in spring, fall is the perfect time to get started.

Here are some tips to make the most of this season.

1. Why garden in autumn?

Autumn presents particular climatic conditions: milder temperatures, generally higher rainfall and still warm soil, thus favoring plant growth.

This is a pivotal period, during which preparation is essential to ensure a good recovery in the spring.

2. Preparing the soil: the basics

Well-prepared soil in autumn ensures better productivity in spring and summer. Start by removing weeds, then dig your land to aerate it. If your soil is clay, adding sand can help with drainage. For sandy soils, add compost or manure to enrich them.

3. Fall plantings

There are many plants that appreciate planting in autumn:

  • Spring bulbs : tulips, daffodils, crocuses... They will flower from the first days of spring.
  • Trees and shrubs : Planted in autumn, they benefit from better recovery thanks to ambient humidity.
  • Perennials : This is also a good time to divide and replant them.

4. Protect your garden from climatic hazards

Autumn also means the anticipation of the first frosts.

Consider mulching your flowerbeds to protect the soil from the cold. Wintering sails can be used for the most fragile plants. As for potted plants, move them closer to the house or place them away from frost.

5. Harvesting and conservation

Fall is the time to harvest the last fruits and vegetables from the garden. Apples, pears, nuts, squash… Store them in a cool, dry place to keep them longer. This is also the time to collect dead leaves, which, once composted, will be an excellent amendment for your soil.

6. Think about wildlife

Your garden is an ecosystem. In autumn, many animals prepare for winter. Leave a few piles of leaves or branches, which will serve as shelter for insects and small animals.

Install bird feeders, which will thank you by delighting in pests in the spring.

7. Planning for spring

Fall is also the time to dream about your spring garden. Consult the catalogs, plan your plantings, design your ideal garden. It's easier to prepare for upcoming changes when everything is still asleep.


Far from being a time of rest for the gardener, fall is a season of anticipation, preparation and planning. By following these tips, you will not only prepare your garden for winter, but also ensure a vibrant spring and a productive summer season. So, equip yourself with your tools, and take advantage of this season of shimmering colors to pamper your garden!

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