Pruning in Autumn: Dos and Don’ts

La Taille en Automne : À Faire et À Éviter
Fall is a crucial time to prepare your garden for winter.
Pruning plants can be beneficial, but it must be done correctly to avoid damaging your precious plants.

To Do: Best Practices

Identifying Plants to Prune:
Start by identifying plants that benefit from fall pruning.
Summer flowering shrubs, certain perennials and fruit trees are often good candidates.

Use the Right Tools:
Make sure your tools are clean and sharp to make clean cuts that will heal quickly.

Pruning in Dry Weather:
Avoid pruning in wet weather to reduce the risk of disease spread.

Eliminate Dead or Diseased Wood:
Take advantage of pruning to remove dead or diseased branches, which will keep the rest of the plant healthy.

Respect the Natural Form:
When pruning, respect the natural shape of the plant to encourage balanced growth.

To Avoid: Mistakes to Avoid

Do not prune too early:
Pruning too early can stimulate new growth just before winter cold sets in, which is detrimental to the plant.

Avoid Severe Sizes:
Pruning too radically can weaken plants and make them more vulnerable to winter weather.

Don't Ignore the Climate:
Adapt your pruning practices to your local climate.
Some regions may require a different approach.

Do Not Leave Debris:
Cut leaves and branches can harbor diseases and pests. Be sure to clean thoroughly after pruning.

Do Not Neglect the Plant Calendar:
Some plants should not be pruned in fall.
Learn about the best time to specifically prune your plants.


By following these Good Practices and Errors To Avoid , you will help your plants enter winter strong and come back in style in spring.
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