Thematic gardens: Inspirations from around the world 🌍

Jardins thématiques : Inspirations du monde entier 🌍

Creating a themed garden is a wonderful way to transform your outdoor space into a true sensory journey.

By drawing inspiration from different countries and cultures, you can bring a unique and personal touch to your garden.

Discover the history and characteristics of five famous garden styles around the world and practical tips for recreating them at home.

1. Japanese Zen Garden 🌸

Japanese Zen gardens, also called dry gardens or "Karesansui", originated in Japan during the Muromachi period (1336-1573). They are designed to be spaces for meditation and contemplation, often associated with Zen Buddhist temples. These minimalist gardens use rocks, sand or gravel, and carefully selected plants to create symbolic landscapes.

Features :

  • Main elements: Rocks, sand, gravel, stone lanterns, wooden bridges.
  • Typical plants: Bamboo, Japanese maple, ferns, bonsai, moss.

Practical advice :

  • Arrangement: Create a balanced space by placing rocks of different sizes asymmetrically.
  • Sand and gravel: Rake sand or gravel into undulating patterns to represent waves.
  • Water: Integrate a small pond or fountain to bring a touch of serenity.

    2. English garden 🌹

    English gardens appeared in England in the 18th century as a reaction to formal French and Italian gardens. They favor a more natural and wild appearance, inspired by romantic landscapes and landscape paintings.

    Features :

    • Main elements: Well-kept lawns, colorful flower beds, trimmed hedges, pergolas.
    • Typical plants: Roses, lavender, clematis, ivy, boxwood.

    Practical advice :

    • Mixed Plants: Plant flowers of different heights and colors for a natural and romantic effect.
    • Maintenance: Trim hedges and shrubs regularly to maintain a neat appearance.
    • Accessories: Add wooden benches and vine-covered pergolas for timeless charm.

      3. Mediterranean Garden 🌞

      Mediterranean gardens have their roots in the coastal regions of southern Europe, including Greece, Italy and Spain. They are designed to adapt to hot, dry climates, using drought-resistant plants and local materials like terracotta and stone.

      Features :

      • Main elements: Terracotta, stone walls, fountains, ceramic pots.
      • Typical plants: Olive trees, lavender, rosemary, citrus fruits, bougainvillea.

      Practical advice :

      • Draining Soil: Use well-draining soil for Mediterranean plants that like dry conditions.
      • Bright Colors: Paint walls or pots in bright colors like blue or yellow to add cheerfulness.
      • Furniture: Incorporate wrought iron furniture to complete the style.

        4. Jardin Tropical 🌴

        Tropical gardens are inspired by the lush, humid rainforests found around the equator. They are characterized by dense vegetation, bright colors and plants with spectacular foliage.

        Features :

        • Main Features: Lush foliage, cascading water, winding paths.
        • Typical plants: Palm trees, hibiscus, banana trees, orchids, giant ferns.

        Practical advice :

        • Humidity: Create a humid environment by adding a watering system or mister.
        • Potted Plants: Use potted plants for more flexibility in arrangement.
        • Water: Incorporate water features like pools or waterfalls to reinforce the tropical atmosphere.

          5. Classic French Garden 🌺

          Classical French gardens, like those at the Palace of Versailles, are characterized by their symmetry and order. They were popularized in the 17th century by André Le Nôtre and are designed to demonstrate human mastery over nature.

          Features :

          • Main elements: Symmetrical flower beds, gravel paths, fountains, statues.
          • Typical plants: Topiary, boxwood, roses, lavender, perennial plants.

          Practical advice :

          • Symmetry: Arrange flower beds geometrically for an orderly appearance.
          • Colors: Use flowering plants in a variety of colors for a striking visual effect.
          • Decoration: Add classic statues and fountains for authentic charm.

            Creating a themed garden is an exciting adventure that allows you to explore and celebrate the beauties of different cultures. Whether you opt for the serenity of a Japanese Zen garden or the lushness of a tropical garden, each style brings its share of inspiration and tranquility. With these practical tips, you can transform your outdoor space into a globally inspired haven. 🌍

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