Gardening in July: what to sow, plant, but also harvest!

Jardiner en juillet : que semer, planter, mais aussi récolter !

July constitutes a big month of harvest in the vegetable garden . Enough to see your plots a little cluttered by so many vegetables that have reached maturity , or are well on the way to being so. Work and sowing in the garden in July

To ensure a peaceful harvest , careful monitoring is necessary, in terms of maintenance notably. Not to mention that the freed places will already be able to accommodate new sowing in July! Gardeners, get your tools!

July vegetables: your vegetable garden

Provide shelter and shelter for your vegetables as they mature or develop. Concretely, this involves a few gardening tasks in July:

  • A regular hoeing to control the development of unwanted weeds;
  • A watering adapted to the weather : water your garden in the evening. You will save water avoiding the phenomenon of evaporation. Water at the base of the plants and not on the foliage: some plants are sensitive to downy mildew or other fungal diseases. Also break the crust formed by possible drought, in order to promote better impregnation of water. Mulching is also very useful;
  • Hilling up certain plants : hilling beans as soon as the first leaves appear, as well as potatoes;
  • Pruning tomato, cucumber, pumpkin and pumpkin plants. Also check the stakes of the tomato plants, which will sometimes bear heavy fruit, like the Brandywine Yellow tomato. Pinch the greedy ones as soon as they appear;
  • Incise your artichokes : incise the peduncle about ten cm below the flower, when it reaches approximately 5 cm in diameter. You will get large, tender artichokes.

So let's talk harvests . You will have the pleasure of enhancing your menus with fresh garlic, carrots, zucchini, beans, lettuce, peas, radishes for the barbecue aperitif, certain tomatoes, onions and shallots, etc.

What vegetable seedlings can be done in July? Here are some examples :

  • Carrots;
  • Chicory;
  • Cabbage ;
  • Green manure, if one of your plots is intended to remain empty;
  • Autumn lettuces;
  • Chewed up ;
  • Turnips;
  • Winter radish.

Flowers in July: sow biennials

Watch out for heat and to the drought ! The flowers are very sensitive to it, especially if they are grown in pots . Regularly water your flowerbeds and planters .

Hoe and weed also the flower plots , to highlight your flowers, but above all to facilitate water penetration . Monitor the weather every day: there is no need to water if there is rain is scheduled for the next day. You will save water, and will not drown your flowering plants!

Other tasks are more specific to certain flower varieties:

  • Palate them climbing plants, such as blue ipomea;
  • Take cuttings from your hydrangeas;
  • Stake dahlias and gladioli;
  • Sowing biennial flowering plants.

Are you going on vacation? Cut all flowers of shrubs , such as rose bushes, in order to benefit from new flowering on your return. Gradually remove the faded flowers .

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See you soon for more advice!

Joseph, from Jardioui

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