30 Day Gardening Challenge: Transform Your Green Space with Jardioui

Défi Jardinage 30 Jours : Transformez Votre Espace Vert avec Jardioui

🌿Gardening friends, curious about nature and lovers of greenery, do you have a spirit of challenge?🌿

Jardioui is launching an exciting challenge for you: transform your garden or balcony in 30 days! What if we added a little spice to our love of gardening? Let’s go for a month of transformation, discovery and sharing.

🗓Week 1: Preparation and Planning

  • Day 1: Evaluate your space. Take before photos for after comparison.
  • Day 2: Define your goals. Do you want a relaxation area, a vegetable garden, or a floral space?
  • Day 3: Visit JardiOui to choose the essential tools for your project.
  • Day 4: Plan your layout. Where to plant, what and how?
  • Day 5: Prepare the ground. Clean, dig, loosen the soil.
  • Day 6: Select your plants on Jardioui based on sunlight and soil.
  • Day 7: Rest and admire the work already accomplished!

    🌱Week 2: Grounding and First Aid

    • Day 8-14: Each day, introduce a new plant or element into your garden. Learn about their needs for water, light and nutrients - advice available on our Jardioui blog.

      👀Week 3: Interview and Observation

      • Day 15-21: Now that your plants are in the ground, focus on caring for them. It’s time to talk pruning, smart watering and protection against pests.

        🌹Week 4: Decoration and Fine-tuning

        • Day 22-28: Add a personal touch with garden decorations, lighting and accessories from Jardioui.

          🌳Day 29: Assessment and Adjustments

          • Day 29: Take a step back. What adjustments are necessary? Maybe a new plant here or an accessory there?

            🌺Day 30: Celebration and Sharing✨

            • Day 30: It’s the big day! Take photos of your transformed space and share your successes on social media by tagging @shopjardioui.

              Conclusion :

              This 30-day challenge isn't just a way to create a beautiful green space, it's also a community adventure.

              💚Share your journey, inspire and be inspired.💚

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