Abstract Face Vase

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Model: Half Face
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Breathe new life into your interior design with an abstract ceramic face vase


The environment we find ourselves in can play an important role in our daily mood,  it is essential to decorate our interior in a way that pleases us and makes us feel good, flowers are undoubtedly one of the essential assets to help us have a positive mood and improve our feeling of well-being. But what would flowers be without a vase worthy of their beauty? This is why we thought of you and offer you these superb decorative ceramic vases in the shape of a Picasso face.

Real little works of art, these white vases in the shape of a face will allow you to decorate and beautify your interior in a modern, original and creative way while showcasing your most beautiful flowers in order to offer a new atmosphere and a new meaning to your pieces. 

Make the charm of flowers even more unique by putting them in one of our abstract design vases.


TheCeramic Face Shaped Flower Vase is an amazing accessory that you can use to bring greenery and life into your home and make it more fresh and brighter. Color, shape, movement and technique come together in striking and surprising ways. Poetize your interior decoration with an abstract vase and give the piece of furniture of your choice its final touch of elegance.

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“A simple gesture for a lasting impact.”

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