Vase "The Girl with Chewing Gum"

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Model: Small / Cat ears
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This magnificent ceramic vase is both original and designer.
It will be a contemporary decorative addition to any room in your home.
Its unique sculpture represents a young girl blowing a chewing gum bubble, adding a touch of fantasy to this decorative object.
This designer vase is a must-have for all lovers of original vases and contemporary design.
It will be a real asset to your interior and a subject of conversation for your guests.

Vases with facial motifs have become extremely popular in recent years, from very classic ones depicting Roman busts, to more extravagant styles.
If you want to add a touch of modern, whimsical style to any interior space, then this vase is what you need.
Will blend perfectly with all kinds of interior decor.


A face vase of a mischievous girl that will transform your interior space


This resin vase is an eye-catching piece that will arouse the admiration and surprise of all your guests.
It will remind us of innocence and childish sweetness.

Using this original vase will be a fun way to add a creative and playful touch to your rooms.
Add dried flowers, twigs or simply your favorite flowers to give this mischievous young girl the hairstyle of your choice.


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