Ceramic Female Bust Vase

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The floral arrangement is the simplest, most beautiful, and most timeless way to decorate your interior.
To help you highlight it in order to make it even more exceptional and magical and to surprise all your guests, we offer you this splendid elegant vase highlighting the face and bust of a woman.
Lovers of modern and minimalist art will appreciate this magnificent ceramic sculpture accompanying a pretty bouquet of flowers. Place without moderation on a dining table, a desk, a bookcase, a sideboard or any other support in your home.


This face vase is a masterpiece that will brighten up your interior space


If you like modern and chic decorations, you will be dazzled by the beauty and elegance of this vase.
A true centerpiece of your future interior decoration, this decorative face vase deserves to take center stage in your home.
It is a fine combination of contemporary and classic design.
The facial features and profile could be reminiscent of a Greek or Roman statue, and yet the cut-out nature of the sculpture brings it into modernity.


Presenting a chic, elegant and sensual posture filled with emotion, observers will not be mistaken, the aesthetics of this woman's bust vase is simply close to perfection.
This ceramic vase will add the last little touch of grace to your decoration.


Suitable for everyday life as well as special occasions, whether you want to decorate the room of your choice or organize a party with friends or perhaps celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or a wedding, it is essential to brighten up your space with flowers that are symbols of love, joy and happiness.
This is why this ceramic bust of a woman vase will always be useful to you and will be desired in many circumstances .

What are you waiting for ? Opt for this decorative piece and be ready to create a refined and harmonious atmosphere.
If you are looking for a birthday or wedding gift for your friends, make this vase an extra souvenir of their special day.

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