HydroMist Pro Mist Irrigation System

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Size: 5m
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Transform your garden into a refreshing oasis while watering it automatically!

Efficient and economical watering

HydroMist Pro offers a misting watering solution that covers a large area while saving up to 70% water .
Our system ensures uniform and continuous irrigation for optimal growth of your plants.

Ultimate refreshment

The HydroMist Pro cools and humidifies your outdoor space, reducing ambient temperatures by up to 7°C.
Enjoy a cool and comfortable summer while preserving the environment and the health of your plants.

Easy installation

The HydroMist Pro is simple to install without the need for plumbing skills or digging.
Simply insert the fittings and sprayers to start watering your plants instantly.

Customizing watering

Each nozzle of the HydroMist Pro is individually adjustable and has two spray modes , column and mist, allowing watering to be adapted to the specific needs of each plant.

Versatile applications

Perfect for irrigating potted flowers, plants, bonsai and fruit trees , the HydroMist Pro is suitable for homes, hotels, clubs, offices, terraces, greenhouses, gardens, lawns and other spaces requiring intelligent plant care .

Features : 
Materials: PP + POM
Flow rate: 0-8L/h
Pipe diameter: 6mm
Hose length: 5m/10m/15m/20m/30m/40m

The package contains:
5/10/15/20 * Misting nozzle
1 * Hose 4/7 (5m/10m/15m/20m)
5/10/15/20 * Pipe connection
1 * Quick connector
1 * Faucet connection

1 * 4/7 pipe cap

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