Portable Security Lock

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Have peace of mind when you're at home or traveling with our Jardioui portable lock

AddALock: Temporary and Portable Door Lock, Lets You Lock...

Ensure security everywhere

Our door lock is perfect for adding security and privacy when renting a room, traveling, on vacation or even at home. In addition to preventing unauthorized entry, this tool makes it impossible to open the door from the outside

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Lock any door

Our door lock can be carried anywhere, it is suitable for any type of door that opens inward in hotels, AirBnBs, bathrooms and bedrooms. You can now be sure that wherever you are in the house, no one will intrude on your privacy

Ideal for your children

The Jardioui lock is very useful for parents who are not at home when their children come home, or if they are traveling to increase their security if they are alone!

Easy to install

Installing our lock is very simple, as you simply insert the metal piece onto the lock, close the door, then attach the red handle to the metal plate. So you never have to worry about someone invading your privacy again

SafeCompact™ Portable Door Lock – lrishSupply

Specifications :

  • Material: Stainless steel, PP

  • Color: Red

  • Weight: 12.5g

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