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The potato grow bag is of high quality. One package contains 3 7 gallon pots. He is in waterproof and flexible non-woven fabric .

These bags are suitable for sowing, planting and storing not only potatoes but other vegetables.

Principle of operation

To plant the potatoes, you must first put a few centimeters of soil at the bottom of the bag. Afterwards, place 4 to 6 seeds evenly spaced on top and cover with more soil and water. As the plants grow, add soil, water and irrigate at regular intervals.

Potato Grow Bag Vegetable Grow Bag

Size and capacity

In each pack of Potato Growth Grow Bag, there are three pieces of bag of 7 gallons/26.5L.
The potato grow bag is made of waterproof and flexible non-woven fabric with a wrist. It has 30 cm in diameter to 35cm/13.78 in height .


This potato grow bag is made from moisture-resistant non-woven fabric. It has a one layer of lining. The bag is designed with a Velcro viewing window to monitor crops directly without digging into the ground . It's not very big so it's easy to move it !


Thanks to its design with velcro window viewing capacity , you can quickly and accurately determine the growth of potatoes.
No need for a specific place to put these bags. They can be used for planting indoors or outdoors.

Potato Grow Bag, 3 pcs 7 Gallon Vegetable Bag

Plants and refills

This potato grow bag allows potatoes to breathe and grow sufficiently and healthily.

The materials used stimulate growth and yield. In addition, when the crops are finished, the bags can be reused even for storage while waiting for the next planting.

Main characteristics
  • Non-woven fabric with waterproof lining
  • Environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Velcro window to monitor growth
  • Light and robust: reusable for years
  • Easy to use and multiple uses : sowing, planting, storing, or storing other things.
  • Protects plants from heat and cold.
  • Look forward to your harvest this year and into the future in peace with our high standard of service!
Most :
 Robust and durable
 Easy to use and clean
 Can be used anywhere: indoors or in the garden
 Growth stimulation
 Plant protection
The lessers :
 Plant protection
 Slightly difficult transport
 Growth to watch

Our opinion

The Potato Grow Bag Growth, 3 pcs 7 Gallon Vegetable Bag, it's great! It allows you to grow potatoes at home, on your balcony or in the garden. It ensures the good growth of potatoes. We can always check the planting at any time and harvest the potatoes once ripe directly through the window without damaging it. A smart and cool design that makes it easy to harvest potatoes or any other fruits and vegetables (even if the design is more made for potatoes!)

How many ways are there to grow a potato?

There's only one way to grow potatoes in a bag, and it has to have a growing window for easy harvesting!

We've been growing potatoes in these bags for a few years now and it's not only a great first grow project for beginners, but it's also fun for kids to learn how to grow one of the plants the most tolerant and the most rustic.

These bags make great gifts and are perfect for home gardeners and farmers.

Potato grow bag makes your life more colorful.

Specification :
Green color
Type: Potato Grow Bag
Material: Biodegradable non-woven fabric
Dimensions: 35x 35x45CM
Capacity: 10 gallons

The package includes:
3 x Potato Grow Bags

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