Aquathermo Resistant Adhesive Tape

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Length: 5cm x 1m
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Don't let worries about leaks, cracks and damage ruin your moments!

An All-In-One Solution for Your Precious Spaces

Feel the power of absolute protection . Our Resistant Aquathermo Tape allows you to finally feel sheltered , no matter the vagaries of the weather . Imagine a world where storms are no longer a threat and the changing seasons no longer scare you.
Each app is a layer of tranquility , a barrier that separates you from the inconveniences of the outside world .

Simplified repairs

Say goodbye to the hassle of constant repairs .
With our innovative tape , you get much more than just a waterproof tape .
It is a thermal and protective shield that adapts to each crack , to each surface.
The smooth application of the tape gives you long-lasting protection .
No more exorbitant repair costs , no more wasted time .

Freedom to Create, Repair, Save

Let your creative and forward-thinking side flourish. The Aquathermo Resistant Tape is not just a tape , it is a multifunctional tool that unleashes your ingenuity .
Imagine reinforcing your walls, sealing your swimming pools , repairing your roofs with ease . No need to be a repair expert anymore. Each application is a step towards autonomy and economy

Features :

  • Materials: Support film and glue
  • Dimensions: 5cm x 1m - 5cm x 3m - 5cm x 5m
  • Colors: Gray

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