Smart Touch touchscreen and retractable kitchen faucet

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Are you tired of your leaking or unsightly faucet? Discover our new smart faucet   

Touch sensor faucet

Take advantage of refined and necessary technology so you no longer have to touch your tap when yourhands are dirty or full! Our Smart Touch Jardioui guarantees daily use practical and safe

Retractable and swivel spout

Designed for comfortable use, it has a removable spout giving you the comfort of moving it as you wish, as well as a sliding design allowing you to make rotate the faucet 360° for full access to your sink

2 Control Modes

The ingenious design of two buttons allows you to change spray modes easily whenever you want (standard mode and shower mode)

Modern and ecological design

The Jardioui faucet is made ofstainless steelwith a smooth surface and no rough edges, which is an ecological material unlike lead, for example. reliability and respect for the environment combine with practicality and comfort of use


Frequently asked questions: 

Question: How is it connected to existing water pipes? 
Answer: The faucet is connected by threaded connections, the kitchen faucet has cold water pipes and hot water pipes, and the corresponding water pipes are twisted together.

Question: What size hole should I drill for this kitchen faucet?
Answer: It is recommended to drill a 35mm hole to install our Jardioui smart faucet.

Question: Is the faucet made entirely of stainless steel? Can it support outdoor installation?
Answer: Of course, the kitchen faucet is made of stainless steel and is made of SUS304 stainless steel. You can install it indoors or outdoors.
Question: Can I assemble it myself?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to assemble it yourself. An explanation sheet is included in the package, showing each of the steps to follow. 

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