Revolutionary automatic sprayer

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Keep your plants in great shape with this garden sprayer!

Automatic irrigation

Jardioui automatic sprayers save you time and money, thanks to the high efficiency of water use and the possibility of irrigating several plants at the same time.

Water your garden intelligently

Our automatic sprayers are a great idea for those who want to take care of their garden efficiently or just want to enjoy a little dew on the terrace. Control the spray by rotating the heads to adjust the spray rate and watering distance

Simple installation

Simply connect the sprayers at the desired distances and connect the hose to a faucet to get your watering

Specifications :

The package contains:

- PVC irrigation pipe (4/7mm tube) - 10 meters
- Adjustable spray heads - 12 pieces
- T connection - 12 pieces
- 90° connection - 2 pieces
- T-connector for pipe - 2 pieces
- End cap - 2 pieces
- Quick connector - 1 piece
- Faucet/register water connector - 1 piece

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