Corner clamps for wood

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Enjoy the quickest and easiest way to improve your efficiency on any woodworking project with firm, precise grips

Makes woodworking easier

Our clamping kit gives you extra help by securely holding your boards together while you screw, glue or drill. Save your time and energy and increase your productivity on your next project

Easily hold boards together

Jardioui clamps eliminate frustration and provide a quick and easy solution for moving boards. Fix, align and hold your parts in place with precision and perfect alignment effortlessly

Solid, firm and reliable support

Our Jardioui clamps are robust, spring-loaded and provide a firm and reliable grip. The durable construction of these makes them suitable for all construction sites and projects

Precise and perfect angles

Whether you're building boxes, cabinets or crates, achieving perfect angles becomes easy! This kit gives you extra help in holding your parts securely

Specifications :

Color : Black, Orange-Red
Size : 8.5cm x 8cm x 6cm

Included in the package : 4x clamps, 4x 60° angle bracket, 4x 90° angle bracket, 4x 120° angle bracket

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