Ultra-Versatile Full Face Mask 15 in 1

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Need perfect visibility while remaining protected?

Reliable 360 Degree Protection

This ultra-versatile 15-in-1 full face mask is designed to provide full-face protection against a multitude of airborne threats, including:

  • Fine particles
  • Chemical vapors
  • Irritant gases

Ideal for professionals in sectors such as:

  • The painting
  • Welding
  • Laboratories

which require superior protection.

Comfort and Adaptability

Made withhigh-quality materialssuch as soft silicone for the face and adjustable straps, this mask ensuresoptimal comfort even during prolonged use.
Its ergonomic design allows a perfect fit to all face shapes, minimizing pressure and avoiding leaks.

Clear and Unobstructed Vision

Thanks to an innovative integrated anti-fog system, this mask maintains constant clarity of vision, essential in situations where precision is crucial. 
The wide field of vision is designed to enhance safety by providing a peripheral view without obstructions.

Features :

  • Dimensions : Voir photo
  • Material: Thermoplastic silicone elastomer
  • Black color
  • Connection type: Bayonet
  • Mask type: Reusable full face mask
  • Type de harnais : 4 points
  • Type of mission: Airplanes, Ships, Vehicles
  • Type of operation: Installation safety, Maintenance, Repair and operation, Overhaul
  • Packaging contains:
    1 x mask
    2 x filter boxes
    2 x filter covers
    10 x cotton filter

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