Tiki Glow - Outdoor Solar Lamp

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Imagine if you could illuminate your exterior in an ecological and economical way...

A Warm Atmosphere in an Instant

Thanks to its LED lighting and solar panel , our Outdoor Solar Lamp turns on automatically at nightfall, eliminating the need for constant monitoring .
In addition, its low energy consumption and long lifespan make it an economical and environmentally friendly choice .

Simplicity and Sustainability

Made of bamboo and durable plastic , this outdoor solar light is designed to withstand bad weather and last a long time.
In addition, its length of 55cm makes it perfect for lighting paths, gardens and parks .

Automatic Solar Lighting

The Tiki Glow uses solar energy to charge during the day, then turns on automatically at night thanks to its light sensor . So you can enjoy outdoor lighting effortlessly , while saving energy .

Safety and Elegance

In addition to providing secure lighting for your outdoor spaces, the Tiki Glow adds a touch of elegance to your garden with its flickering flames and Tiki design .
Whether it's a quiet evening with family or an outdoor reception , this outdoor solar light will enhance the atmosphere and make every moment special .

Features :
Materials: Bamboo, highly durable PP
Dimensions: see photo
Solar panel: 2V, 40mAh
Backup battery: 1* AAA battery

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