Handcrafted Bohemian wooden lamp

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Looking for a unique lamp to add splendor to your home?

✅Bring the Bohemian star into your home!

Align your home with the peaceful vibrations of the astral! Our Bohemian lamp combines bright colors and fluorescent projections to spread a magical scene wherever you put it!

✅Immersion of the senses

Cover your room with all the colors of the astral , bring a magnificent scene to your entire room!

✅Astral company

The stars are not as far away as you think, create the perfect ambiance for a relaxing meditation with self-examination!

✅A beacon of beauty

Standing like a starry giant in the night, our lamp projects a magnificent array of shapes and colors!

✅The Bohemian Star is the ultimate choice

Polarize the atmosphere with the beauty of the astral, enjoy a shimmering scene across your room or garden anytime you want!


Size: 18 x 11 x 11cm

Bulb type: LED (low energy)

Your order brings a tree to life 🌳

“A simple gesture for a lasting impact.”

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