Realistic hiding place for stone-shaped keys (Set of 2 + 1 free)

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An effective solution for hiding your keys, whatever the weather!

Release your worries and enjoy the moment

Imagine yourself strolling in your garden, lulled by the song of birds and the gentle summer breeze.
But suddenly, agitation overcomes you: where are the damn keys ?
Don't let the worries of everyday life spoil these moments of peace.
Discover how a simple and elegant solution can preserve your peace of mind in all circumstances, valiantly withstanding rainy days and harsh weather.

The perfect combination of aesthetics, safety and durability

Create a harmonious balance between the beauty of your outdoor space and peace of mind, without having to fear the vagaries of the weather.
Our stone-shaped key cache is more than just a key case, it is a functional device designed to withstand all bad weather.
Its neat design blends naturally into your garden, cleverly camouflaging your apartment keys, mailbox keys and much more.

The discretion that revolutionizes your daily life, year after year

Unlock the doors to your imagination and envision a garden where worries don't exist, even through the harshest seasons .
Our realistic stone-shaped key stash offers a discreet , ingenious and durable solution for storing your spare keys outdoors.
This device hides much more than keys, it hides your worries for the long term.

Features :
: Plastic
Dimensions : 8cm x 4.5cm
Color : See photo


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