HydroSpray Pro - High Pressure Sprinkler

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Revolutionize the way you take care of your garden in no time!

A revolutionary tool

HydroSpray Pro allows you to quickly and easily apply insecticides or water to your plants, keeping them healthy and pest-free .

With its unrivaled precision and ease of use, you'll save time while achieving professional results .

Unparalleled precision

HydroSpray Pro's fine mist jet allows you to apply precisely, without the risk of over-application or damage to plants or other vegetation.

Easy and quick to use , this means less time spent taking care of your garden and more time enjoying it !

Total control

With the HydroSpray Pro watering gun, you can kill insects and pests quickly while protecting your plants from damage.

The flexible atomized water flow will give you complete control when watering your garden, allowing you to switch from a stream of water to a fine mist to meet all your diverse needs.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to upgrade your gardening routine with HydroSpray Pro!

Features :
Material: Premium stainless steel, PP
Spray range: 3 m
Dimensions: see photo

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Customer Reviews

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Avis Vérifié

Mireille C.

Je doutais de la qualité, mais c'est bien un pulvérisateur pro comme ceux que les paysagistes utilisent

Armand B.

Excellent produit, conforme à la description et de qualité exceptionnelle. A acheter.


Pulvériser des insecticides et arroser son jardin deviennent un jeu d'enfants avec HydroSpray ! Merci Jardioui

Jean U.

C'est un outil professionnel qui permet de gagner énormément de temps. Je recommande fortement ce pistolet !

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Our Ebook: "The 5 plants to protect our crops" is OFFEREDto you for each order placed on Jardioui.

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