“Banbua” Bamboo Plant Shelf

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Durable and natural bamboo plant holder for indoor and outdoor use

Give your plants a throne worthy of their beauty with our "Banbua" Bamboo Plant Shelf , the perfect alliance between functionality and ecological aesthetics. This shelf transforms your space into a green oasis, bringing a touch of serenity to your home, patio, terrace or balcony. By choosing "Banbua", you also contribute to a greener lifestyle, thanks to its sustainable bamboo structure. For more aesthetic storage options, explore our selection of Plant Holders and Flower Pots , designed to harmonize your space.

Characteristics of the “Banbua” Bamboo Plant Shelf

  • Easy to build
  • Material: Bamboo Structure 
  • Durable, robuste et eco-friendly
  • Size: See picture
  • Ideal for home, patio, terrace or balcony 
Étagère à Plantes en Bambou ’Banbua’

Advantages of the “Banbua” Bamboo Plant Shelf

Give new life to your interior decoration with this superb bamboo door display stand. Ideal for creating a green and natural atmosphere while displaying your favorite plants on a piece of furniture specially designed as a plant stand. 

With the Banbua” Bamboo Plant Shelf, you no longer need to place your plant pots on the ground or on unsuitable furniture. Create the decoration of your dreams and take full advantage of your favorite green plants.

Étagère à Plantes en Bambou ’Banbua’

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