EazyRoller™ - Paint cleanly without tape

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Paint with precision, efficiency and speed without adhesive tape!

Now you can paint straight edges evenly and accurately, faster and easier than ever!

Why use the EazyRoller™?

✔️ Paint in Minutes - The EazyRoller™ reduces the time needed because there is no need to apply or remove masking tape once painting is complete. Time savings of more than 80% can be expected on average.

✔️ Precision - Special protection prevents paint from spreading onto the coating or ceiling, allowing for optimal precision.

✔️ Comfortable - The handle of the EazyRoller™ has an arched design that adapts to the radius of human fingers, making it more comfortable to hold. Plus, the handle can be fixed or rotated vertically, allowing you to use it in any direction!

✔️ Easy - The EazyRoller™ ensures that even inexperienced painters can draw clean, straight edges. Even your children and the elderly can use it with ease.

With the EazyRoller™ you can easily paint the edges of a wall. Never use tape again and enjoy the comfort of a dynamic Girff. Transform painting into a childishly simple hobby!

The EazyRoller™ allows you to reach even the most difficult corners without any problem. Indeed, the adjustable handle offers you new possibilities for painting comfortably.

Size: 260*127*50mm
Brush material: cotton

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