Waterproof Portable Metal Detector

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Discover the Portable Metal Detector: Explore Your World From a New Perspective!

Go on an adventure!

Imagine following in the footsteps of the past , searching for hidden treasures and relics buried for centuries .
But wait, what is this thrill that runs through you?
This desire for discovery and exploration just needs to be nourished.
Let us introduce you to the perfect companion who will guide you into the unknown and make you feel every emotion across the centuries.

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit

Turn every outing into an adventure with the Portable Metal Detector .
Explore sunny beaches, mysterious forests and historic sites with one goal in mind: to unearth hidden treasures and forgotten stories .
Imagine the pride you will feel diving to a depth of 35 meters with our Portable Metal Detector .
Explore the seabed, rivers and lakes , knowing that you will not leave any corner unexplored , thanks to its three detection modes specially designed to adapt to different environments.

Faithful Treasure Hunting Companion

Finally, a partner who understands your passion for adventure !
The Portable Metal Detector with LCD Display is not only intuitive and efficient , but it is also water resistant.
Whether you're a curious hobbyist or a seasoned treasure hunter , this reliable detector will be your ultimate guide .
Let yourself be guided by excitement and curiosity , with the perfect tool to turn every expedition into a story to tell

Features :

  • Materials: Metal
  • Dimensions: 42.5cm x 12cm x 4.5cm
  • Colors: Orange and black
  • Waterproof standard: IP68

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