CuirMaster Pro - Infallible Leather Bug Swatter

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Invaded by unwanted insects?

Ergonomics & Power

Thanks to its double-sided smooth leather surface , this Infallible Leather Insect Swatter guarantees quick and effortless extermination .
Its weight, carefully adjusted, ensures optimal maneuverability and precise movement.

Elegant & Practical Design

Not only is the CuirMaster Pro formidable against insects, but it also stands out for its refined design .
Easy to store , this tool becomes a real decorative object that adapts to all interiors.

An Original & Useful Gift

It is the ideal gift for all occasions, especially for housewarmings .
Beyond its undeniable usefulness , the Leather Insect Swatter becomes a unique and memorable present for your loved ones.

Features :
Materials: PU leather, Wood
Dimensions: see photo
Color: Black

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Claire L.

Un accessoire robuste et élégant. Depuis que je l'utilise, plus aucun insecte ne me dérange !


Grâce à sa poignée en bois, il est à la fois confortable et efficace. Adieu les mouches envahissantes !


Non seulement il est esthétiquement plaisant, mais il fait aussi parfaitement son travail. Un must-have pour chaque foyer.

Rémy P.

Fini les tapettes qui se cassent après quelques utilisations. Celui-ci est solide et durable !


J'adore son design raffiné ! Et en plus, il élimine les insectes en un seul coup.

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