Reinvented Fly Trap

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Say goodbye to traditional fly control methods.

An ingenious design

Our team of experts designed the Reinvented Fly Hunting Trap with simplicity and efficiency in mind.
Its ingenious design ensures that flies are attracted to the trap without the slightest intervention on your part .
In addition, its discreet design fits harmoniously into any space, whether it is your kitchen , your dining room or your terrace .
Enjoy a bug-free environment without sacrificing aesthetics .

Complete Package for Sustainable Efficiency

The Reinvented Fly Trap comes with a set of five sachets of exclusive product designed to effectively attract unwanted flies .
Each sachet contains a carefully formulated formulation to attract insects and maximize the effectiveness of the trap .
Enjoy the assurance that your spaces remain insect-free with this practical and economical set.

Improved hygiene and guaranteed durability

Fly infestation goes beyond simple discomfort – it can compromise the hygiene of your space.
By avoiding unwanted contact with these germ-carrying insects, you protect your family and your food from potential risks.

Make your space a sanctuary of cleanliness. The Reinvented Fly Trap is part of a desire to last over time given the great strength of its materials. Features :

  •  Dimensions: 15.5 x 7.6 cm
  • Materials: Premium plastic
  • Color : CF photo

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