Zen purifying incense burner (+Free Accessories)

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Reduces stress and anxiety

Relax yourself, your body as well as your mind with this magnificent incense fountain.

Let yourself be carried away by thesweet fragrance emanating from the fountain and leave stress, anxiety and problems behind you.

Improves calm and concentration

It is scientifically proven that incense burners tonify and soothe thanks to its benefits on the brain.

Breathing in the beautiful and pleasant smell emanating from the fountain soothes the mind.

Agitation decreases and the brain benefits from the relaxing atmosphere.


The simple pleasure of enjoying a beautiful smell.

Of course, the simple fact of enjoying a good smell is a blessing in itself.

The absorption of pleasant aromas has the ability to make one happier, to give rise to good memories and to improve one's mood.

Purify your space

Buddhist monks have used incense to purify their atmosphere for hundreds of years.

Surprisingly, one study showed that burning incense for an hour reduced bacteria in the air by 94%!

Included in the pack:


  • Height: 14.2cm
  • Width: 7.6cm


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