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Jardioui Scie Électrique Professionnelle Portable (+Batterie Offerte)Jardioui Scie Électrique Polyvalente portable
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Jardioui Sacs de culture pour plantes domestiques,Jardioui Sacs de culture pour plantes domestiques,
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Jardioui Houe de Désherbage UltimeJardioui Houe de Désherbage Ultime
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Jardioui Roues Universelles pour DébroussailleuseJardioui Roues Universelles pour Débroussailleuse
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Jardioui PH-mètre de Sol Numérique Multifonction 4 en 1Jardioui PH-mètre de Sol Numérique Multifonction 4 en 1
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Jardioui Masque Facial ProtecteurJardioui Masque Facial Protecteur
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Jardioui Tronçonneuse électrique sans fil PremiumJardioui Tronçonneuse électrique sans fil Premium
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Jardioui Coupe Pouce PremiumJardioui Coupe Pouce Premium
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Jardioui TriumFourche - L'outil ultime pour le jardinage et l'agricultureJardioui TriumFourche - L'outil ultime pour le jardinage et l'agriculture
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Jardioui Mini-Kit de jardinage ProfessionnelJardioui Mini-Kit de jardinage Professionnel
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Jardioui Presse-mottes manuel Premium pour semisJardioui Presse-mottes manuel Premium pour semis
Jardioui 0 Cueilleur de fruits spécial hauteurJardioui 0 Cueilleur de fruits spécial hauteur
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Jardioui 0 Noir Sac de Culture de Pommes de Terre CroissanceJardioui 0 Sac de Culture de Pommes de Terre Croissance
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Jardioui Ciseaux Magiques de JardinierJardioui Ciseaux Magiques de Jardinier
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Jardioui Tête de Débroussailleuse PerformanteJardioui Tête de Débroussailleuse Performante
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Jardioui Râteau en Acier IndestructibleJardioui Râteau en Acier Indestructible
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Jardioui Maison et jardin Kit d'outils de jardin multifonctionsJardioui Maison et jardin Kit d'outils de jardin multifonctions
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Jardioui Sem'Ease - L'épandeur éco-responsable de PrécisionJardioui Sem'Ease - L'épandeur éco-responsable de Précision
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Jardioui Souffleur-Aspirateur Électrique Sans Fil Innovant (+ Batterie offerte )Jardioui Souffleur-Aspirateur Électrique Sans Fil Innovant 2-en-1 (+ Batterie offerte )
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Jardioui Coupe-Herbe Sans FilJardioui Coupe-Bordures Sans Fil 3-en-1
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Jardioui Arroseur de Pelouse sur Trépied Rotatif à 360 DegrésJardioui Arroseur de Pelouse sur Trépied Rotatif à 360 Degrés
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Jardioui Sachets de Plantation Biodégradables PratiquesJardioui Sachets de Plantation Biodégradables Pratiques
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Jardioui Élagueuse télescopique ProfessionnelleJardioui Élagueuse télescopique Professionnelle
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Jardioui Pelle de Fertilisation RévolutionnaireJardioui Pelle de Fertilisation Révolutionnaire
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Jardioui Rouge / Machine + Agrafes et 10 Rouleaux Rouge de Bandes Offerts Machine Premium d'Attache pour Plantes (+ Agrafes et 10 Rouleaux de Bandes Offerts)Jardioui Rouge / Machine + Agrafes et 10 Rouleaux Bleu de Bandes Offerts Machine Premium d'Attache pour Plantes (+ Agrafes et 10 Rouleaux de Bandes Offerts)
Jardioui Machine à attacher ruban pour plantes de jardin,Jardioui Machine à attacher ruban pour plantes de jardin,

Cultivate your passion for gardening with our complete line of gardening tools

Welcome to our category dedicated to gardening tools, where you will find a wide range of essential tools for maintaining and beautifying your green spaces. This range is perfect for passionate amateurs and seasoned professionals because having the right tools is essential to carry out your gardening work efficiently.

Gardening tools play a crucial role in creating and maintaining your garden. For hobbyists, they make it easier to carry out common tasks like planting, weeding, and watering. For professionals, they enable more complex projects to be carried out, such as landscaping or the maintenance of large grounds. By choosing suitable, quality tools, you ensure easier, safer and more enjoyable gardening. Explore our selection to find the tools that will meet your needs and make every task a real pleasure.

Gardening tools for every task

Our selection of tools covers every aspect of maintaining your garden. From soil preparation to planting, from pruning to edging maintenance, each tool has a specific role that contributes to the beauty and health of your green space. Our range includes tools designed to maximize your comfort and efficiency, reducing the time and effort required to keep your garden in tip-top condition.

Basic Gardening Tools

In this section, we present the essential tools for any gardener, whether beginner or experienced. These basic tools are essential for accomplishing a variety of tasks in your garden, ensuring effective maintenance and healthy growth of your plants.


Shovels are among the most versatile tools in gardening. They are used to dig holes to plant shrubs, trees or flowers, as well as to move soil, compost or mulch. A good shovel allows you to carry out these tasks with ease and precision. Round-tipped shovels are great for digging, while square-tipped shovels are great for moving materials. The Jardioui garden shovel is perfect for all your gardening work.


Rakes are essential for leveling soil, raking leaves and debris, and preparing seedbeds. A garden rake with strong metal tines can aerate the soil and prepare it for planting. Leaf rakes, on the other hand, are perfect for collecting dead leaves and other garden waste without damaging your lawn.


Secateurs are essential tools for trimming and pruning plants, shrubs and small branches. They help keep your plants healthy by removing dead or diseased parts and promoting more vigorous growth. Hand pruners are great for smaller pruning, while long-handled pruners can reach taller, thicker branches. For greater ease in gardening tasks, the Professional Cordless Electric Pruner is the perfect tool for you.


The hoe is used to weed and aerate the soil. It is particularly effective in removing weeds and breaking the surface crust of the soil, thus improving water infiltration and aeration. This tool is essential for maintaining healthy soil and promoting optimal plant growth. This tool also exists in an electric version to simplify work on large areas, the Cordless Electric Tiller .


The garden fork is ideal for turning soil, mixing compost, and aerating the soil. Its sturdy tines easily penetrate compacted soil, making it easier to prepare planting beds and improve soil structure.

Using these basic gardening tools, you can accomplish most gardening tasks efficiently and accurately. Each of these tools offers specific benefits that make gardening easier and more enjoyable, allowing you to create and maintain a beautiful and healthy garden. Explore our range to find the best gardening tools to suit your needs.

Specialized Gardening Tools

In this section, we present a selection of specialist tools designed to meet specific needs in gardening. Perfect for pruning trees, installing an irrigation system and weeding efficiently, these specialist tools offer unique features and considerable benefits.

Pruning Tools

Pruning is a crucial task for maintaining the health and shape of your trees and shrubs. Specialty pruning tools include telescopic pruners, pruning saws and loppers.

  • Telescopic pruners: Perfect for reaching high branches without the need for a ladder, they are adjustable in length and equipped with sharp blades for a clean cut.
  • Pruning saws: Used to cut thicker branches, they are designed for a precise, clean cut, reducing damage to the tree.
  • Loppers: Ideal for cutting medium-sized branches, these tools feature long handles for maximum leverage, making difficult cuts easier.

Irrigation Tools

Irrigation is essential to keeping your plants hydrated and healthy. Our specialty irrigation tools include drip irrigation systems, oscillating sprinklers and watering controllers.

  • Drip irrigation systems: They provide precise distribution of water directly to plant roots, reducing water waste and promoting uniform growth.
  • Oscillating sprinklers: Perfect for watering large areas, they distribute water evenly across your lawn or flowerbeds.
  • Watering programmers: They automate your irrigation system, ensuring regular watering even in your absence. You can program watering cycles to fit the specific needs of your garden.

All the tools related to garden irrigation are available in our special collection dedicated to garden watering. See the special Watering collection.


Weeding Tools

Weeding is a common gardening task, and having the right tools can make this job more efficient and less painful. Our specialist tools for weeding include hand weeders, hoes and power weeders.

  • Manual weeders: Designed to remove weeds along with their roots, they help prevent their regrowth. They are lightweight and easy to use for precise operations.
  • Hoes: Used to cut weeds at ground level, they are effective in keeping flower beds and walkways weed-free.
  • Thermal Weed Killers: Use heat to destroy weed cells, eliminating them without the use of chemicals. They are ideal for paved areas and driveways.

Tools for Planting and Transplanting

To carefully plant and transplant your plants, specialized tools such as transplanters, planters and garden prongs are essential.

  • Transplanters: Ideal for planting flowers, vegetables and bulbs, they are designed to dig appropriately sized holes and facilitate transplanting without damaging the roots.
  • Planters: Used to make uniform planting holes, they are perfect for sowing seeds or transplanting young plants.
  • Garden claws: Help loosen the soil around plants without damaging their roots, improving aeration and water penetration.

By choosing the right specialist tools, you can improve the efficiency and precision of your gardening work, ensuring a well-maintained and thriving garden. Discover our range of specialist tools to meet all your specific gardening needs.

See all Gardening accessories

Uncompromising quality for your gardening tools

We are committed to offering only the highest quality gardening tools. Each product in our collection has been tested and approved by professional gardeners to ensure its resistance, reliability and effectiveness. Whether you need to renew your equipment or complete your collection, you will find tools with us that will serve you season after season.

In this section, we discuss the importance of choosing high-quality, durable gardening tools, the materials commonly used to make them, and practical tips for maintaining and extending the life of your tools.

Commonly Used Materials and Their Durability

Gardening tools are made from a variety of materials, each with their own advantages in terms of durability and performance.

  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is commonly used for blades and tool heads because of its resistance to rust and corrosion. Stainless steel tools are durable, easy to clean, and require little maintenance.
  • Carbon Steel: Carbon steel is also popular for blades because of its strength and ability to maintain a sharp edge. However, it requires regular maintenance to prevent rust.
  • Aluminium: Aluminum is lightweight and rust-resistant, making it an ideal choice for tool handles and some tool heads. Aluminum tools are easy to handle, especially for tasks requiring precision.
  • Wood: Wood is traditionally used for tool handles because of its strength and comfort. Wooden handles, such as those made of ash or hickory, are sturdy and absorb shock well. However, they require maintenance to prevent drying out and cracking.
  • Reinforced Plastic: Reinforced plastic, often used for handles and certain parts of tools, is lightweight and weather-resistant. It offers good grip and requires little maintenance.

Tips for Maintaining and Extending Tool Life

To ensure that your gardening tools stay in good condition and operate efficiently, regular maintenance is crucial. Here are some tips to extend the life of your tools:

  • Regular Cleaning: After each use, clean your tools to remove dirt, sap and plant residue. Use water and a stiff brush to clean them, then dry them thoroughly to prevent rust.
  • Blade Sharpening: The blades of tools such as pruners, shears and saws must be sharpened regularly to ensure clean and efficient cuts. Use a sharpening stone or file to maintain optimal sharpness.
  • Lubrication: Apply oil to metal parts of tools, especially blades and cutting mechanisms, to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation.
  • Proper Storage: Store your tools in a dry place protected from bad weather. Use hooks or shelves to prevent tools from dragging and getting damaged.
  • Handle Care: For wooden handles, apply linseed oil regularly to prevent drying and cracking. For plastic handles, check them for cracks or signs of wear.

By following these maintenance tips, you can extend the life of your gardening tools, ensuring that they remain efficient and reliable for many years. Investing in high-quality tools and maintaining them properly is the key to successful, long-lasting gardening.

Garden tools that combine Technology and Innovation

In this section, we explore recent innovations in gardening tools and integrated modern technologies to improve their efficiency. The adoption of new technologies in gardening has revolutionized the way gardeners, amateur and professional, maintain their green spaces, making tasks easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Introduction to Recent Innovations in Gardening Tools

Gardening tools have evolved considerably thanks to technological advances. These innovations have made it possible to create more efficient, ergonomic and ecological tools. Manufacturers are integrating cutting-edge technologies to meet the changing needs of modern gardeners, improving productivity and ease of use.

Modern Technologies Integrated into Tools to Improve Efficiency

New technologies applied to gardening tools offer improved features that make work easier and increase efficiency. Here are some notable examples:

  • Lithium-Ion Battery Tools: Garden tools powered by lithium-ion batteries, such as lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers, offer freedom of movement without the constraints of cables . These batteries are lightweight, recharge quickly and provide consistent power, allowing you to work longer without interruption.
  • Automated Irrigation Systems: Smart irrigation systems use soil sensors and timers to optimize watering for your plants. These systems automatically adjust the amount of water based on weather conditions and specific plant needs, reducing water waste and ensuring efficient irrigation.
  • Connected Tools and Smart Gardening: With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), connected tools are becoming more and more common. Smart garden sensors can monitor plant health, soil moisture and weather conditions, sending real-time data to your smartphone. This information allows you to make informed decisions about maintaining your garden.
  • Advanced Cutting Technology: New cutting technologies, such as hardened steel blades and ratchet cutting mechanisms, make pruners, shears and pruners more efficient. These tools provide clean, precise cuts with less effort, reducing fatigue and the risk of injury.
  • Robot Mowers: Autonomous robot mowers are a major innovation in lawn maintenance. They autonomously navigate your garden, mowing the lawn evenly and regularly. These robots are equipped with sensors to avoid obstacles and can be programmed to mow at specific times, providing a consistently impeccable lawn with minimal effort.
  • Ecological and Sustainable Tools: Innovation is not limited to digital technology. Tools made from recycled or eco-friendly materials, such as biodegradable plastics or recycled metals, represent a step toward more sustainable gardening. Additionally, solar tools, such as garden lights and water pumps, use solar energy to operate, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

By integrating these modern technologies into your gardening tools, you can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of your work. Whether through the use of more efficient batteries, intelligent irrigation systems or autonomous robots, technological innovations bring a new level of comfort and productivity to gardening. Explore our range of innovative products to discover how these advancements can transform your gardening experience.

Buying Guide for Gardening Tools

To help you select the gardening tools best suited to your needs, we've created this comprehensive buying guide. He will explain the essential criteria to consider and how to choose the tools according to the size of your garden. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice directly on our site.

Criteria to Consider When Purchasing Gardening Tools

When shopping for gardening tools, there are several factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice:

  • Quality: The quality of materials and manufacturing is crucial. Look for tools made with sturdy materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or high-quality wood. Higher quality tools will last longer and perform better.
  • Usage: Identify the specific tasks you need to accomplish and choose tools tailored to those needs. For example, if you have a lot of pruning to do, invest in high-quality pruning shears. For large areas to be watered, a good irrigation system will be essential.
  • Ergonomics: Ergonomic tools reduce fatigue and the risk of injury. Choose tools with comfortable handles and designs that minimize the effort needed to use them.

How to Choose Based on the Size of Your Garden

The size of your garden is a determining factor in choosing gardening tools. Here are some tips to guide you depending on the size of your green space:

Small Garden (up to 100 m²)

  • Hand Pruners: Ideal for pruning small plants and shrubs.
  • Transplanter: Perfect for planting flowers and small vegetables.
  • Watering can: Sufficient for manual irrigation.
  • Small Rake: To clean and level small surfaces.

Medium-sized garden (100 to 500 m²)

  • Pruners and Shears: For pruning shrubs and hedges.
  • Shovel and Spade: For planting and earthmoving work.
  • Garden Rake: To collect leaves and prepare the ground.
  • Drip Irrigation System: For efficient and water-saving irrigation.

Large Garden (more than 500 m²)

  • Telescopic Pruners: For pruning tall and thick branches.
  • Lawn Mower: Essential for maintaining a large lawn.
  • Automated Irrigation System: For regular and effortless watering.
  • Plant Shredder: To reduce pruning waste and use it as compost.

Comparison of Available Options

To help you make the best choice, we offer a range of tools suitable for all garden sizes and budgets. On our site you will find high-quality gardening tools at competitive prices, with detailed descriptions for each product so you can make a purchase with confidence.

  • Tools for Small Gardens: Compact and handy tools, perfect for tight spaces.
  • Tools for Medium Gardens: Robust and ergonomic tools for varied tasks.
  • Tools for Large Gardens: Powerful and efficient equipment for intensive maintenance.

By taking these criteria into account and choosing the tools adapted to the size of your garden, you can improve the efficiency and pleasure of your gardening. Explore our full selection of gardening tools on our site to find everything you need to successfully maintain your green space.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gardening Tools

What are gardening tools?

Gardening tools include a variety of equipment used to maintain and beautify gardens. Among the most common are:

  • Shovels
  • Rakes
  • Secateurs
  • Bêches
  • Watering cans
  • Transplantoirs
  • Houes

These tools allow you to carry out tasks such as digging, planting, pruning, watering and weeding, making the work of amateur and professional gardeners easier.

What are a gardener's working tools?

A gardener uses several tools to accomplish his tasks. Basic tools include:

  • Pruners: For pruning plants and shrubs.
  • Shovels and Spades: To dig holes and turn the earth.
  • Rakes: To level the ground and collect leaves.
  • Hoes: To weed and aerate the soil.
  • Watering Cans and Irrigation Systems: For watering plants.
  • Transplanters: For planting flowers and vegetables.
  • Forks: To turn the compost and loosen the soil.

What tool should I use to turn the soil?

To turn the earth, the spade is the most commonly used tool. It allows you to dig and lift clods of earth, thus facilitating aeration and preparation of the soil for planting. Spade forks are also effective, especially for heavy or clay soils, because they penetrate compacted soil more easily.

How to turn the earth?

To turn the soil, follow these steps:

  1. Preparation: Make sure the soil is slightly damp to make work easier.

  2. Use a Spade: Push the spade into the ground using your foot to apply additional pressure.

  3. Lift the Soil: Lift the clod of soil and turn it over to expose weed roots and break up clumps.

  4. Repeat: Continue turning the soil over the entire desired area, slightly overlapping each section for complete coverage.

  5. Refine the Soil: Use a rake to break up large clods and level the surface.

What is a hoe?

A hoe is a gardening tool used primarily for weeding and aerating the soil. It consists of a flat or slightly curved blade attached to a long handle. By pulling or pushing the hoe through the soil, you can cut weed roots just below the surface, preventing them from growing back.

What tool is used to loosen the soil in the vegetable garden?

To loosen the soil in the vegetable garden, the grelinette is a very effective tool. Also known as a digging fork, the grelinette allows the soil to be deeply aerated without completely turning it over, thus preserving the structure of the soil and the beneficial organisms that live there. Garden claws and hoes can also be used to loosen the soil surface and prepare the vegetable garden for planting.

How to clean gardening tools?

Cleaning your gardening tools is crucial to extending their lifespan and preventing the transmission of disease. Start by removing soil residue with a brush. Next, disinfect the blades and metal parts with rubbing alcohol or a diluted bleach solution. Finally, dry your tools thoroughly before storing them. For tools with wooden parts, you can rub them with linseed oil to protect and preserve them.

How to store gardening tools?

Proper storage of your gardening tools is essential to keep them in good condition and easily accessible. Use a tool organizer to organize your tools by type and size. You can also use the Multi-Pocket Tool Storage Bag to easily transport your garden tools to every corner of your garden.

Frequently used tools should be placed within easy reach, while those used less frequently can be stored higher up or in less accessible locations. Be sure to store pointed or sharp tools safely to avoid accidents and out of the reach of children. For larger tools, like rakes and spades, wall racks or hooks are a great solution to maximize floor space.

Thanks to all these tips, your storage of gardening tools will be worthy of professionals.

Your partner for successful and organized gardening

Exploring our collection of garden tools is the first step towards creating and maintaining the garden of your dreams. Whether your passion is growing flowers, vegetables or landscaping, our tools will help you cultivate, prune and care for your garden with ease and precision.

Let Jardioui accompany you through every step of your gardening adventure, providing the tools needed to express your creativity and love for nature.