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Jardioui Moustiquaire Aimantée PremiumJardioui Moustiquaire Aimantée Premium
Selling price€29,90 Normal price€59,90
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Jardioui Tissu Moustiquaire Ultra-Fin Ajustable pour RideauxJardioui Moyen (120x800cm) / Noir Moustiquaire Ultra-Fine Ajustable pour Rideaux
Selling price€24,90 Normal price€49,90
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Jardioui 1 Moustiquaire / 40x80 cm Moustiquaire de fenêtre auto-adhésive anti-intrusion robusteJardioui 1 Moustiquaire / 60x100cm Moustiquaire de fenêtre auto-adhésive anti-intrusion robuste
Selling price€29,90 Normal price€59,90
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Jardioui 1 Moustiquaire / S (100x100cm) Moustiquaire Fenêtre en PVC Sécurisée Ultra-PratiqueJardioui Moustiquaire Fenêtre en PVC Sécurisée Ultra-Pratique
Selling price€29,90 Normal price€59,90
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Jardioui Moustiquaire Scratch Auto-adhésive Premium BlancheJardioui Moustiquaire Scratch Auto-adhésive Premium Blanche
Selling price€29,90 Normal price€59,90

Opt for Serenity with our Window Screens

Welcome to our space dedicated to window mosquito nets , the perfect ally to protect your interior from insect invasions while benefiting from natural and pleasant ventilation. Our collection, rich and varied, includes solutions adapted to all configurations and preferences. In addition, discover our general selection of mosquito nets , to protect every corner of your home.

Simplified Installation on PVC Window

Choosing a window model from us means ensuring easy installation, even on your PVC windows. Our solutions are designed for quick installation, without drilling or damaging your frames.

Effective and Discreet Protection

Our window screens offer you an impenetrable barrier against mosquitoes and other insects, while blending into the decor of your interior thanks to their refined design and finesse.

Adaptability and Customization

With our range of window screens, find the product that perfectly suits your needs. From size to fixing method, personalize your choice for optimal and discreet protection.

Frequently asked questions about Window Screens

How to install a mosquito net on a PVC window?

Installing protection on a PVC window can be done without drilling, using adhesive or clip-on fixings specially designed to avoid damaging the window frame. Follow the instructions provided for easy and secure installation.

Which mosquito net to choose for your window?

The choice of anti-mosquito protection depends on several criteria: the type of opening (hinged, sliding), the frequency of use, and your personal preferences. Rollable or pleated models offer great practicality, while fixed mosquito nets are suitable for long-term use.

How to hold a window mosquito net?

To ensure a perfect fit, opt for fixing systems adapted to your type of window. Magnetic frames or adhesive strips are excellent solutions for PVC windows, ensuring a stable and durable installation without the need for drilling.

Your Window Screen Shop par excellence

Browsing our selection of window screens is the first step towards a protected and pleasant interior. Our solutions, both aesthetic and functional, will adapt perfectly to your needs and to your windows, whatever their size or material. Effectively protect yourself against insect intrusions while preserving the brightness and fresh air of your home.