Ultra-Performing Anti-Insect Fan

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Are you tired of those unwanted guests ruining your outdoor meals?

A meal without interruption

With our Ultra-Performing Anti-Insect Fan, you can now eat in peace, without fear of invasions by flies or wasps .
Don't let the fear of contamination stop you from enjoying your meals outside .

Revolutionary and safe technology

Our High-Performance Anti-Insect Fan is designed to protect your food without causing any inconvenience.
Designed to protect without causing discomfort , it is equipped with flexible and sensitive blades, it stops rotating as soon as it detects your hand nearby.
Featuring unique holographic repellent points , it creates a movement that insects can't stand, effectively keeping them away from your table.

Long-lasting effectiveness

Powered by two AA batteries, our Ultra-Performing Anti-Insect Fan offers long-lasting use .
It is easy to use and guarantees flawless protection against flies, without the use of chemicals .

Features :
Materials: ABS, PVC
Dimensions: see photo
Power supply: 2x AA batteries (not included)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

J'ai été impressionné par son efficacité lors de notre dernier camping. Les insectes nous laissent enfin tranquilles.

Céline T.

Aucun produit chimique, aucun dérangement. J'adore la facilité d'utilisation et l'efficacité redoutable de ce dispositif.

Rémi B.

Ce produit est un véritable miracle. Les insectes sont repoussés sans effort, laissant ma famille et moi apprécier notre pique-nique en toute sérénité.


Il fonctionne à merveille ! Pas une seule mouche ne s'approche de notre table, même lors des barbecues les plus animés.

Léa M.

Quelle tranquillité lors de nos repas en plein air ! Finies les mouches agaçantes qui virevoltent autour de nos assiettes.

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