Decorative Wall Supports for Plants

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Transform the chaos of your garden into a living picture of harmony and order!

Natural Structure for your Plants 🍃

Give your climbing plants the support they need to thrive.
These supports imitate nature, allowing your plants to grow in an orderly and structured way, creating a balanced and aesthetic environment in your garden or your green area.

Gentleness and Care for your Plants 🌺

Designed to be gentle on your plants, these supports provide support without damaging them.
Their wide and spacious designrespects the natural growth of your plants, allowing an elegant and stress-free climb >, and highlighting their natural beauty.

Elegant Design and Easy Installation 🌼

Their leaf-shaped design fits perfectly into your garden, adding a subtle decorative touch.
Easy to install, they require no tools or special skills, offering a practical and stylish solution to supporting your climbing plants.

Features :

  • Materials: Plastic and acrylic adhesive sticker
  • Quantity: Set of 8 + 2 Free, Set of 15 + 5 Free
  • Shape: leaf shape
  • Green color

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews

    La mise en place était incroyablement facile, et le résultat est tout simplement magnifique.


    Incroyable comment un si petit changement peut créer un impact aussi grand sur l'aspect général de mon extérieur.


    Ces supports ont non seulement amélioré la santé de mes plantes, mais aussi l'esthétique de mon jardin.


    Le design respectueux des plantes a révolutionné la façon dont je gère mon espace vert.


    L'organisation de mes plantes grimpantes n'a jamais été aussi simple et visuellement agréable.

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    Our Ebook: "The 5 plants to protect our crops" is OFFEREDto you for each order placed on Jardioui.

    Receive it by email after placing your order