FloraSun™ - 4 flowers per bouquet

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Create a bright and floral oasis in your garden


FloraSun™ brings superb colors and offers a magnificent play of light in your outdoor space, without bringing you any complications or headaches.
Indeed, FloraSun flowers are easy to install in just a few seconds, they do not require any connection or any technical maneuvers to be carried out.
They use a small integrated solar panel which will charge itself during the day and make these pretty lily flowers shine once night falls.


The unique effect provided by FloraSun can easily transform any dull and boring garden into a vibrant and lively floral oasis. And all this using solar energy! It won't cost you a cent in electric bill!


Technical characteristics:


  • 4 flowers per bouquet from FloralSun
  • Type of lighting: Optical fiber light powered by solar energy
  • Photovoltaic panel: 2V70MA
  • Battery: 1.2vAA600MA Ni-MH
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours under direct sunlight
  • Lighting time: 8-10 hours on full charge
  • Unit weight: 128g
  • Materials. PVC, Stainless Metal, Optical Fiber
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