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Jardioui Lampe champignonJardioui Lampe champignon
Selling price€69,90 Normal price€109,90
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Jardioui Lampe de Table LED Sans Fil MinimalisteJardioui Lampe de Table LED Sans Fil Minimaliste
Selling price€34,90 Normal price€69,90
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Jardioui Lampe Champignon en Bois MassifJardioui Lampe Champignon en Bois Massif
Selling price€39,90 Normal price€89,90
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Jardioui Lampe Champignon Trichromatique AjustableJardioui Lampe Champignon Trichromatique Ajustable
Selling price€59,90 Normal price€119,90
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Jardioui Bleu Lampe Parapluie LED ÉclatanteJardioui Lampe Parapluie LED Éclatante
Selling price€39,90 Normal price€79,90
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Jardioui Veilleuse Champignon EnchantéeJardioui Veilleuse Champignon Enchantée
Selling price€24,90 Normal price€49,90
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Jardioui 1 Lampe / Blanc Lampe à Poser Originale et ÉléganteJardioui 1 Lampe / Noir Lampe à Poser Originale et Élégante
Selling price€49,90 Normal price€99,90
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Jardioui 1 Lampe (24.90€/pc) Lampe de table Champi-Éclat FéeriqueJardioui 2 Lampe (19.90€/pc) Lampe de table Champi-Éclat Féerique
Selling price€24,90 Normal price€49,90
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Jardioui Champignon-rose Lampe de Table Champignon MystiqueJardioui Champignon-bleu Lampe de Table Champignon Mystique
Selling price€29,90 Normal price€59,90

Light up your interior with our unique mushroom lamps

Welcome to our exclusive category dedicated to mushroom lamps . As you explore our site, you will be charmed by our collection of lighting fixtures, a true tribute to elegance and creativity. From classic style to modern design, each lamp is created to bring a touch of magic to your interior. Browse our range of lighting to discover the beauty and originality of each creation.

A touch of magic in your decoration with mushroom lamps

It's much more than just lighting; it is a work of art that creates magic in your home. With its soft curves and warm light, it creates a soothing atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Imagine reading a book or sharing a moment with your family under the soft glow of a pretty lamp, a real cocoon of well-being.

Diversity and originality with our Mushroom Lights

Each lamp in our collection is unique, offering a diversity that satisfies all tastes and interiors. Whether you are seduced by the vintage of an orange lamp or by the discreet elegance of a more modern model, you will find the perfect piece that speaks to your soul and beautifies your space.

Quality and durability of mushroom lamps

Our lamps are not only beautiful; they are also built to last. Made with high quality materials, they guarantee exceptional durability and energy efficiency. By choosing a lamp from us, you are investing in lighting that will accompany you for many years, while bringing a touch of timeless elegance to your interior.

Frequently asked questions about mushroom lamps

Why choose a mushroom lamp for my decoration?

Choosing a mushroom model means adding an exceptional touch to your interior. Its unique design and soft light create an ultra cozy warm and welcoming atmosphere.

How to integrate a mushroom lamp into my decoration?

The lamps adapt to all styles. They can serve as a focal point in a minimalist room or complement an eclectic decoration with their originality.

How do I maintain my mushroom lamp?

They require little maintenance. Dust them regularly with a soft, dry cloth to maintain their beauty.

Where should I place my mushroom lamp in my interior?

These lamps look perfect on a side table, desk or shelf. They diffuse a soft light ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere in your living room or bedroom.

Are mushroom lamps ecological?

We are committed to offering eco-responsible lamps. Many of our models use LEDs or low-consumption bulbs, combining aesthetics and respect for the environment.

Your enchanted mushroom lamp store

Exploring our range ofmushroom lampsis taking a journey to the heart of creativity and innovation. Each lamp transforms your interior into a place of dreams and magic. Whether you are looking for a vintage ambiance or simply elegant and durable lighting, our lighting fixtures are there to illuminate every moment of your life. Let yourself be seduced by the warmth and originality of our creations and bring a touch of enchantment to your daily life.