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Jardioui: Simplifying the garden is our nature.

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Mireille Q.

This rake is great

This rake is great, don't hesitate, buy it, you won't regret.
Good evening

Helene B.

So rare to find

Extra large diameter pot holder. So rare to find

Patricia L.

As precise as in the video

Effective article, as precise as in the video

Muriel W.

Great success, truly original.

Lamp purchased for my 11 year old granddaughter, who put it on her bedside table. Great success, truly original.

Suzy M.

I'm satisfied

Good morning
I am satisfied with this tool and I recommend it.

Francine D.

Light up the garden

Brilliant, a pretty piece that lights up the garden.

Marie-France D.

This shovel is exceptional

This shovel is exceptional, at first I was skeptical but when I tried it I quickly changed my mind.
There were some large stems that were hard to pull up and the shovel is so sharp that it didn't take me long to go all the way...
It's true that the handle is small but you have to cut it close to the ground and any longer I don't think it would be practical...

Mathilde A.K.

Good quality, nice rendering, nothing to complain about!

Both a bedside lamp and a decorative object. Good quality, nice rendering, nothing to complain about!

Françoise S.

Very nice effect

Very good, easy to assemble and very nice effect

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